Ah, and so I launch a website. Finally! It’s something I’ve been planning for quite some time, and now that it’s all ready for launch I find myself suffering from stagefright. My own site is a ‘look at me!’ move I’m not yet fully at ease with.

The aim of the website is to serve as a showcase of my work and act as an online CV. This blog space, on the other hand, is a shapeless beast that may or may not take form as we go along. It’s intended as a¬†little place to offer some random musings, share some interesting articles or links, and just generally throw my thoughts out into space. I am not expecting a reply.

And to get the ball rolling, and because this week I saw them live in Melbourne and got swept up in Iceland trip nostalgia, here’s a sweet and uplifting clip from Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men. And yes, Gen Y hipsters, I knew them before they were cool…

PS: A friend astutely pointed out to me that it looks like half the population of Iceland was at this concert (well, there are only 320,000 of them). Sweet. They probably were.


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