Midsummer madness

Well, not here, not in Melbourne. Here in Melbourne right now there’s no midsummer madness – in fact the city is in the grip of an ‘Antarctic vortex’ and the weather is cold and wet and miserable (bear in mind: Australians do not do winter well, and most of the year they manage to live in denial that we even experience a form of winter).

But in Europe, well, midsummer is bringing heatwaves, holidaymakers and talks of a Grexit – but I feel compelled to return. Just 24 days ago I flew home from a two-month research trip in the Greek islands that was nothing short of spectacular. I visited 24 Cyclades islands in two months, and witnessed┬ámore whitewashed villages, bombshell beaches and azure seas than seems fair. All that research needed to be written up in record time, and now I’m off for a fresh research trip, trading the Aegean for the Alps and setting sail for Slovenia. There will be alpine pastures and spectacular caves and some hearty Mitteleuropa fare, I have no doubt. And glamping, lots of glamping.

This job has its perks, that’s for sure. Like the one below.

See you in six weeks…


Prassa beach, Kimolos island

Prassa beach, Kimolos island




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