The horses (and foxes) of Iceland

Iceland’s wild-maned horses are impossibly photogenic, set against the cinematic landscapes of the country. Even in galeforce winds, they look like they’ve just stepped out of a salon. Case in point:

IMG_7834IMG_8480IMG_4950And when you encounter a handful of them, they look like rockstars (in some cases, rockstars that are not ageing especially well).
IMG_7807IMG_8066I couldn’t get enough…
IMG_7792But there was one Icelandic native that completely stole my heart – an orphaned baby Arctic fox that had been adopted by a family that ran a guesthouse in one of the eastern fjords. The fox played with the family’s pet labrador, and was quite tame. And yes, I spent ridiculous hours playing with it (it was bitey!). First, check out the gorgeous setting for the property…
And then the rather adorable wee star. I spent long hours wondering how I could bring him home without arousing the suspicions of Australian customs…
I mean, look at that face!

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